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Peloton hit by spam accounts using nude, explicit profile photos

Peloton is taking action after bikes were hit overnight by spam accounts that left pornography on the screens of users across the country. 

The lewd images were showing up in profile photos of bot and fake accounts and have been reported on by users under the r/pelotoncycle page. 

A statement issued Monday confirmed is looking into the incidents and working to block the accounts responsible. 

The damage was already done, however, as users reported seeing the images in full display, with one rider writing: ‘My husband got two naked lady requests today.None for me though.’ 

Peloton bikes were inundated with spam accounts displaying pornography overnight

Users received follows from accounts like the one above, which featured nude and lewd images as the profile pictures

The explicit images were shown as profile pictures on many accounts which had no followers and often linked to website’s outside of the app. 

While officials say they are working to crack down on the images, Peloton is also urging customers to report any explicit photos they have seen. 

A post from the first outlined the issue and described in detail how the scam accounts were operating. 

‘Multiple members have reported getting new suspicious-looking follower alerts overnight,’ the blog page stated. 

‘The newly created accounts that are showing up as follow requests (or notifications) are being followed by 0 people, but are following hundreds or thousands of people.They also have 0 workouts on their account.’ 

The accounts would feature nude and explicit photos and use names and random characters or numbers, such as ‘Lara38737483’ as their profile name for rides. 

While participating in a ride, users can see the profile name and picture of others who are also taking the class.  

This is the message Peloton posted regarding the spam accounts and the pornographic images displayed on the bikes 

Users on Reddit reported receiving follow requests from newly made accounts which had zero followers and zero total rides 

During a ride, users can see others who are riding with them on the side of the screen

Peloton officials are urging riders not to interact with the accounts and to moderate their own accounts closely over the coming days. 

‘Today, Peloton is taking active action against accounts being intentionally created with inappropriate content, including explicit imagery in their profile picture.These explicit images are a direct violation of our standards and terms of service,’ Peloton said in a message to users.  

‘We are actively working to block these accounts and continue to moderate explicit images associated with user profiles,’ the company said. 

According to Peloton’s terms of services, users are not allowed to ‘use someone else’s name, or any name, location, other public profile information or image that violates any third party rights, is against the law, or that is offensive, obscene or otherwise objectionable.’

‘We are actively working to block these accounts and continue to moderate explicit images associated with user profiles,’ the company said in a message to users

Users first started reporting the confusing and startling images Sunday. 

‘Has anyone else seen seen spam users?I just had a notification to say I had a new follower (I have zero followers as I haven’t linked to socials),’ wrote one user on the Reddit page.  

‘The profile photo is a nude girl and the bio includes a link to her online spaces,’ the Peloton rider continued on the thread. 

The comment was upvoted and received responses from dozens of other users who stated they were experiencing similar issues. 

‘I got one too.She had her whole ti**ies out! Didn’t think nudity could go in a profile picture,’ wrote one person in response.

The situation was first brought up Sunday in the r/Pelotoncycle thread on Reddit

Reddit users were quick to comment on the nude and lewd images in some profile pics

One woman claimed her husband received requests from two accounts that featured naked women in their profile photos 

‘This is certainly not the community experience we expect for our Peloton Member,’ the company said

‘Please do not accept or reply to these follow-requests,’ Peloton said. 

‘We apologize to those of you who received these follower requests and were exposed to this content.’ 

‘This is certainly not the community experience we expect for our Peloton Member,’ the company continued. 

Anyone who believes they may have been followed by a scam account or one that breaks the company’s terms of use can file a report

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